“It’s fabulous and very inspiring, showcasing the other side of womanhood”- Tashnif Rubayet

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Project Wild Women


Steeped in traditions and ancient customs, India is home to a few females in cutting-edge adventure sports. But the fact is, these sports are barely recognized in India.​ Project Wild Women shed a light on the identity of those women who have dared to pursue the unimaginable and uncovers their tremendous effort of overcoming social prejudice and change society.


In this era, women can accomplish anything and Project Wild Women awakens the world to female adventurers from various backgrounds. This film is a cornerstone of showing the shift in life choices that is unfolding. Join us as we create more fun, fairer world and a brighter tomorrow.

This beautiful documentary was filmed in Manipur, Navi Mumbai, Sikkim, Shillong, Manali, Kaza, Delhi, Sethan, Mangalore, Nashik, Lonavala, Whistler, United States, Badami, Rishikesh, Hyderabad, Pune and tell the story of unity, passion, and compassion.

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“Project Wild Women features an inspiring collection of adventurous athletes who refuse to let tradition get in the way of their passions. Kopal has managed to track down some characterful and fearless women to tell their stories and the message is clear - if they can do it, you can do it too."Greg Hackett,

Director, London Mountain Film Festival

“I think the stories of these beautiful women will empower a lot of other girls to come out and break the stereotype”- Gokul Krishnan

‘’When I saw the trailer of Project Wild Women I realized that this is one I was looking for and my search for finding motivation ended there.''- Monica Mastana

"I loved how the film covers every aspect of being an athlete in general, not just a woman athlete"- Nikita Naiknavare

It's wonderful to see girls getting out there and doing it!"- Stevie Christie, 

Director, Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival



The story of Project Wild Women must be gripping, thought-provoking, and inspiring but that's not enough. It's nice that you have watched the film but whatever issues which are being highlighted through the dialogues should not be forgotten. And that's the reason why Inspire Crew was formed; with the intention to encourage more participation of both genders, giving athletes an identity and the extreme/gravity sports which they practice, empower them, raise awareness among people of all ages and ask them to stop discriminating on the basis of genders. Not just sports but any professional career or passion is beyond gender appropriate.

Let's rise together.

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