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Kopal Goyal

Documentary Filmmaker, Editor and Founder of Inspire Crew

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Kopal Goyal is an adventure documentary filmmaker and rock climber based in India. She made her first outdoor film Ganesha 8b+, a film about India’s hardest sport climbing route, which was shared by magazines around the world including Rock and Ice, Climbing, UKC magazine on their platform. Later it won the "Best Climbing Film" award at IMF Festival, 2018. The film was critically challenging as she was belaying and filming the athlete at the same time. Most of the scenes from the film were shot with nightmarish memories like monkeys attacking the camera setup.

Since then it’s been 5 years and she has worked on multiple documentaries: Kokankada in collaboration with adventure filmmaker Shivam Aher and it was recently licenced by IN10 Media and Brut India, Durga: Forging A New Trail which got screened at the prestigious No Man's Land Film Festival, Prestigious Mountain Film Festival and recently bagged inspirational film award at Maine Outdoor Film Festival and is set to grab the spot at other film festival's around the world, and Project Wild Women (her passion project) which was the finalist at BANFF(2020); world's most prestigious mountain film festival. This documentary also won the People’s Choice Award at London Mountain Film Festival, Premiered at Kalaghoda which is the country’s largest multicultural festival, and selected at other film fests around the world including Women’s Adventure Film Tour, World of Film International Festival Glasgow, SHAFF, Adventure Uncover.


Matador Network has recognized her as one of the 11 women photographers shaking up perspectives on India. Her film Free Soul in collaboration with Shivam Aher won the "Best Extreme Sports Film" award at IMF Film Festival 2020.

Her work has been featured in Redbull, YourStory, BBC Hindi, The Week, India Today, and various other news portals across the country.

As part of Project Wild Women’s idea and action, she founded Inspire Crew, a media platform and an agency to identify more people practising extreme and gravity sports in India, give them an identity, encourage more participation with compassion regardless of age, gender, or social status.

She is currently working/developing on


  • "The Basalt Queens" is a film based on young girls learning the ropes of rock climbing and attempting to free climb multi-pitch pinnacles in Sahyadri which is a tough mountain range due to brittle rock, scree like terrain and hot climate & water-scarce conditions.

  • Skate Thali

  • Heart Of Glacier

Commercial Projects


  • Indian ExpressWhy Kopal Goyal made a film featuring women extreme sports athletes

  • Your StoryThis sport and rock climber’s unique documentary features 14 female adventure athletes

  • Indian Today- Rock and Roll documentary

  • Desnivel.comScale like a woman! Gowri Varanashi and Kopal Goyal talk about the development of climbing in India

  • Live MintThis filmmaker-climber is breaking stereotypes in extreme adventure sports

  • Do what you love always- The emerging sisterhood of women in extreme sports

  • First PostIn the world of extreme sports, a few women are defying stereotypes and inspiring others to join in

  • The Week- Extreme Eves

  • BBC HindiWomen building a reputation with extreme sports in India

  • Deccan Chronicle- Women of Pure wonder

  • Matador Network11 female photographers shaking up our perspectives on India

  • Redbull- A documentary about Indian women in extreme sports: Yes, Please

  • UKC ClimbingGanesha 8b+: Climbing India's hardest Sport Route

  • Sidetracked- A film by La Cumbre Collective, featuring Durga Rawal, Photography by Kopal Goyal

  • LactoCalamine- Video


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"Kopal is one hell of a dedicated, talented, and focused filmmaker. Be it getting into the elements to shoot her subjects - whether getting into the water or hanging off frozen waterfalls to get that perfect shot - this amazing photographer + filmmaker + make-shift stunt woman does it all. Her story in her passion towards chasing inspiring stories makes her just as inspiring to watch"Anne Mathias

Kopal is one photographer I met who is as good in climbing, yoga as in clicking some really nice pictures! Looking forward to more such sessions, had an awesome time- Vaibhav Kumar

“Thank you Kopal! It's really amazing! You've done a fantastic job with this film and should be utterly proud of yourself! Sending you big congratulations”- Carla Cupido,

“I really love the video. I was hoping it would be a little longer because I wanted to see more. I always wanted something like this to happen. We have so much talent in our country in different corners. No one even realizes how hard everyone is working and in the field trying to bring out everyone. You guys deserve respect”- Amit Subba, Skateboarder

" I had goosebumps through most of it. I'm actually a little short of words to say it right.
Tumne kaise kiya, pata nahi, but it really hit in the core.  I don't remember watching anything that felt so personal and inspiring in a very long time."- Anveer Mehta, Skateboarder

“ Project Wild Women features an inspiring collection of adventurous athletes who refuse to let tradition get in the way of their passions. Kopal Goyal has managed to track down some characterful and fearless women to tell their stories and the message is clear - if they can do it, you can do it."- Greg Hackett, Director, London Mountain Film Festival

 "You and your team did a great job shooting these movies. They were all very riveting. The best part was how you managed to bring so many passionate and inspirational people together. The story of each of them (especially those you interviewed in Project Wild Women) was unique and each had surmounted many obstacles to be on this path. It was heartening to see them continue what they love to do. Their paths show that you can achieve what you set your minds to do. Hope more youngsters follow their path so that the adventure sector in India can grow as a whole." -Vikas Nath, Canada


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Project Detail
Agency: La Cumbre Collective
Director and Producer: Emily Hopcian
Still Photography: Kopal Goyal
DOP and Editor: Alan Schwer

Project Detail
Agency: WheelieCreative
Brand- Polartec
Filmmaker- Kopal Goyal (One among the 10 filmmakers around the Globe)

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