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1. How will I get to know where and how my donations will be used?

Inspire Crew will provide every single detail about where and how your donations have used in terms of money and gears.


2. How can I collaborate with Inspire Crew to organize the events?

Just drop us an email by describing the events/programs and we will connect with you over that asap.


3. How to become a contributor and writer with Inspire Crew?

Step 1: Sign up and become a member with us (

Step2:  Send in your interest to write for us and what topics you would like to cover. We will then bump you to write on the platform.

Step 3: Write out your inspiring story/blog and save it as a draft (IMP) and drop us a message once you are ready to submit.

Step 4: We will then publish it for you and you get the winner for a feature with Inspire Crew. 


Note: There is no restriction on the number of posts you can create. Feel free to log all the stories here.


Terms and conditions:


  1. Inspire Crew holds the sole right to edit, modify, publish, and promote all content in our discretion.

  2. Inspire Crew will not misuse or take direct credit for contributed content, however, will hold the right the reuse.

  3. All content must be original and plagiarism will not be entertained.

  4. All images and videos used must have the rightful permission of the creator and copyright/credit notes along with the submission.

  5. Inspire Crew has not promised to pay for any submission but will give all due credits.

4. Is Inspire Crew a non-profit organization?

No, Inspire Crew is a content platform and an agency dedicated to empowering people through extreme and alternative sports in India keeping women at the forefront. 

5. Can I cancel my digital purchase?

Once you make the payment, you won't be able to cancel it. For more details visit our Terms of Use page.

6. Can I cancel my account?

Once you create an account or member login, you will be able to delete it or inform us about your current status so that we disable your account if you want.

7. If I can advertise on Inspire Crew?

Please visit our advertise with us page for all the details.



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